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A Man Inspired By Textbooks

CampusBookRentals was founded in 2007 by Alan Martin, a graduate student who was frustrated with the financial abuse incurred by students when buying textbooks. His curiosity revealed a substantial inefficiency in the college textbook market and inspired an idea that has transformed into “one of America’s most promising companies” (Forbes Magazine).

Though Alan didn’t have formal training in income statements and business torts, his technical sales studies and work with the U.S. Air Force had him well honed in strategic thinking. Without the constraints of traditional business solutions, he had the perfect foundation to approach the topics that surfaced in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Such “thinking” has remained the fundamental principle of his operations and the core quality he seeks in his teams today.  

In light of our beginnings, we wanted to create a space that allows us to examine the veins of entrepreneurship, refine our company values, and empower a community in the pursuit of opportunity.

We hope to provide some useful direction on The Road Less Traveled.